Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Diary of a Mad Artist"
The Reno Retreat class project is done!
This group of attending artists love to think outside the box so the Diary of a Mad artist was born.
I look forward to watching my fellow artists explore their past while creating this fun project.
This class is FULL.  If you would like yo sign up for one of our retreats please visit
Have a great day


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Jean ..her face is beautiful. love the steampunk feel .BUT .. wow wow wow the inside of her is just Amazing !

Fran said...

BOOHOOHOO!! See or hear my tears running down my cheeks? I WILL BE AT THE NEXT RENO RETREAT NO MATTER WHAT. So, put me down and let me know the dates. OK???? :-) Will get tickets when prices are low or if they aren't I'll pay the higher price. Should have this year but that's ok. Got other things to do. Going to Las Vegas to take care of some business and see Brandi, Cain, Mary Ann & John and Brittany. Brittany went back to Las Vegas to go to college. She lives with Brandi.
Frannie Poo

Rhissanna said...

What a gorgeous steampunky construction. I love this!