Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working on part II

The theme for Creations In Fiber, Inc. is "The Enchanted Forest" Some of us are writing about the dragon and the egg. Soooooo I decided to join in the fun this year. Here is the WIP of my interpretation of a forest dweller. More to add but the bones are done. Now to add the rider and the wings.


Lydia Ruby Atsma said...

Wow! Super awesome! Can't wait to see it finished! Bugs are so cool. Hmmm, what would be my "Enchanted Forest" creation?

Shashi Nayagam said...

This is going to be just out of the world piece. Aren't I lucky, I get to see it at Cifi can't wait.

Fran said...

Hi, Love your Bugs. Email me and let me know how Reno Retreat was. I'm so upset that I couldn't go but you were right. I'm still on the go with this house. My studio and other rooms aren't even sit up and won't be for awhile. Lots & Lots to do. I'm going non stop.
I sure did miss you and the others. I really really wanted to go. Love & Miss Ya, Frannie Poo