Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gathering items for the Reno Retreat

Reno Retreat is just around the corner. I started my pile of embellishments. I think it needs some dark red or Burgundy. So the hunt is still on.

This will be the tassel

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My friend Sherry Goshon has a NEW book for beginner and intermediate cloth doll makers

Sew You Want To Make Cloth Dolls
Sherry Goshon

Here's what Sherry Says about her new book:

This book was written for beginner as well as intermediate cloth doll makers.
I share what I have found over the years that works for me and any little secrets that help make the learning process just a bit easier. My book has two body patterns…One that is very beginner, all though I use it all the time for my dolls and one that is a bit more complicated for the intermediate…although I don’t believe the basic body should be too complicated as that takes the fun out of the costuming and of course that is one of my favorite parts. My book will cover everything you need to know including pictures to help you along.
Here is a glimpse into the content of my book:

*Fabrics for bodies
*Dying your own body fabric
*Turning tools
*Stuffing tools
*To joint or not to joint
*Simple needle sculpting
*Basics on the face
*Simple dressing of the doll
*Making doll body 1 (pancake doll with separate head)
*Face on your doll
*Dressing your doll
*Hair on your doll
*Making doll body 2 (with mitt hands/separate fingers)
View fee details here