Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reno Retreat Piece is almost done!

Well the creative bug is back. The form is complete now to add paint and embellishments. After I am through she will be shipped to Sherry for her wardrobe. I had a dickens of a time trying to get into this one with the Holidays and Life getting in my way. I named it "Hells Gate" which I am sure Junior would like. Now we will call it "Heaven's Gate"
Off to add my favorite part..............embellishments!


Cindi said...

Once again you blow me away. I am so ready for Reno...can't wait.

Lydia Ruby Atsma said...

Amazing! I can't wait. Haha, who knows, mine might end up more devilish than heavenly. lol

inspired said...

Ohhhhhh my amazing! This makes is hard to wait for Reno. How big is it?

ruthanne said...

Oh, I am so sorry I can not come to Reno. It is sooo hard to wait for CIFI and Iowa!!!! Miss you all and Cindi, please keep your spirits up and count the days until Reno!!!

Fran said...

Beautiful work.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Ken and I are in Texas with 2 of our sons and families. Will return after New Years.
Love Ya,

Colleen said...

Wow!!!! I love this...It is inspiring and makes me just want to "do it"!!! Colleen