Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Becca" is done :)

Sherry Goshon did a beautiful job creating Becca using the face I sent her. Sherry will offer the pattern to create the body and costuming. The face mold will be available soon too.
I think she needs an ice sculpture to sit on :)


linux FONT said...

good work!

Amber said...

That is amazing!!!!! You have such talent!

Yvonne Nathanson said...

I love Becca!!! Yes, an ice sculpture would make a perfect seat for her.
;-)) Yvonne

Anonymous said...

A friend in France/Germany told me about your blog. I am a doll maker too and am in a few doll ning sites.
Cloth and Clay Dolls; Nancye's Art Dolls, etc.
Anyway, your Becca dolls is gorgeous!
And I love Sherry Goshon's patterns.
I have her mannequin pattern and another pattern where she shows how to make a 'Santos' style structure with a doll head and torso. I think I got those patterns from Cloth Doll Supply but not sure as there is another doll pattern supply online store in California,and that is the one I got it from.
The April Fools cat litter cat is soooo funny!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a great week!
Teresa S. in California