Monday, September 28, 2009

WIP ~ strainer has an eye wohooooooo!!!

I am having way too much fun on Sherry's Mixed Media piece. The foundation for the face is in place. Now to add the "skin." Sherry's colors are brown's and coppers. I think I need to throw in some reds :p We shall see what the piece tells me to do.



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another new project

Here I go gathering again :) My good friend asked me to create a mixed media wall hanging for her new home. I am very excited to create something that is really ME ! Crazy and off the wall ! The body is an old slicer of some kind. Not sure what it is but I imagine it was used to slice vegetables, meats, cheese, fingers ??? lol The blades are sharp and rusted and I love the "feel" of the old wood. Initially I was going to stick with old/vintage but a trip through the plumbing department at Home Dept shot that all to hell :p So I am gathering items form around my home, adding my own twist so we shall see where this goes. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Head is done

The Reno/Iowa Retreat begins next week!
The class prototype is a figure suspended from a winged frame. I can't share the information about each artists interpretation until after the retreat. BUT here is mine :) I am creating a dung beetle or scarab if you will. I love how she turned out! Here eyes are eerie and seem to follow your every move.
Check back next week! Hope to have pictures of all the creations.