Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pin Cushion

The Reno/Iowa Retreat is around the corner. Our classes are full and we are all packing and getting our supplies and artwork together. We are having a Pin Cushion Stealing extravaganza :0 Here is my contribution ~ my favorite bug ~ a Dung Beetle ! lol I could not make a basic pin cushion nor have I ever made one but once I put my own twist to it I found it enjoyable. There is a hidden compartment for pins and he is "Bernardized" with many Swarovski Crystals and yummy clear micro gems. I have another one in the works :)


Shashi Nayagam said...

This is so very gorgeous!! Who ever is going to get this one is going to be in seventh heaven. You do put some lovely twists to your projects.

MaryO said...

Just what I always wanted..a dung beetle pincushion! LOL! You are such a hoot, dear girl!

Sprite said...

This is sooo my kinda pin cushion. No doubt I am going to steal this. Plus its my birthday & Im injured, shouldn't that put me in the lead? HA HA HA


Anonymous said...

The first time I could say, I love a bug! My BD is coming up, my wish would be to be at the retreat with you. Have fun for me.

Ruth Anne

Fran said...

Love your Dung Bug pincushion. As always another master piece. Love the colors. How I wish I was going to the RenoIowa Retreat. Not in the cards. Will be in Texas visiting the kids. Looks like I'll be in Texas alot this month.

Your work is beautiful and amazing.
Love & Hugs

Bear said...

oh me oh my Jean you are such an extravagent artist- this is mind blowing I too love the dung beetle and this one is way above any others I have looked at- oh my girl you are truly an Artist you just jump over all those problems we allow ourselves to get blocked by-- but not you
oh me oh my beauteous dung beetle
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox

Jacque Uetz said...

OMG!!! This is mine roflol!! forget it Sprite..

Connie Ortiz said...

Plumb splendifolous...absolutely. Will have to work on my super special vanishing acts so that you will know I'm not the one who stole it.

HMMMMmmmmm, where did I put that chemistry book??????