Monday, June 29, 2009

New Wings Made with Gum Wrappers

These double wings were made with foil gum wrappers. Yes! I was bored and wanted to do something with my collection of treasured wrappers :) The closeup shows the highlights using Interference Paints. The Wings can be shaped in any configuration.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

JOIN MY FREE Online Wing Class

Come join my free online class and learn to make fiber optic wings using Kleenex. Sign up here

All done!

Finished the Wings! I must admit they are stunning ! This picture was taken outside and I used my flash. Although the picture shows great details for JudiA, the wings are more brilliant in color and full of twinkling lights. My camera was not able to capture the finer details but I think you get the idea. The photograph below was taken without a flash. The natural light shines through the Kleenex and yet again the fiber optics can not be seen in the picture. Not to worry! In the class layout you will see the glow of the fiber optics. I have decided to create a online class vs. a tutorial. I got a little carried away and some may have questions. Working on the class layout as we speak. See you all real soon
Jean :)

Last night a large creature flew over my head !

The night sky smelled of rain and all was calm although there were clouds silently rolling in. From afar I could hear a curious sound that made me turn my head ! A dragon gently glided by with wings fully extended and on her back was a slender creature riding on a gilded saddle. Both smiled upon me and gracefully headed high above the clouds dancing between the rain drops only to disappear from sight.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Wing Tutorial ALMOST DONE !!!

I am creating a FREE wing tutorial that will debut in a day or so. Check my website The wings turned out gorgeous if I say so myself. The wings were placed in front of a window so you get the real effect and their true colors. After the adhesive was applied they became transparent. Almost like stained glass! There are fiber optics inside the wings and they light up and look as if they shimmer with twinkling stars. I love them! Now to cut out the wings and add the embellishments.
Thanks for looking!
Photograph of wings cut and outdoor back light shining through.