Friday, February 13, 2009

New Beginnings Celebration

"New Beginnings "
Will be held on my website
The end of April 2009.

My entire website, blog and online classrooms will be revamped.
My goal is to share knowledge and information without restrictions!
The website will host online classes from various artists as well as myself.
The classes and information will cover many different art forms which I think is exciting!
There will be free tutorials.
List of Suppliers all in one place.

Join my notification list so you do not miss out on whats going on in my world :)
or simply keep checking my website for information.

Thank you!
2009 is going to be a GREAT Year!


Lisa Gatz said...

Congratulations, Jean! I'm sure it will be top-notch just like you!


Michelle said...


I am sorry to be a nuisance but I have been unwell and thetrefore did not post prizes for the OWOH comp. According to my blog you are the second palce prize winner. I am posting on Monday as I have the day off work but I cant seem to find email with your address on it so if you can email me again please do so and I will get it out to you :)